Interview tips

by Admin

Tips for answering interview questions.
I am just going to share just 3 tips on answering interview questions.
1. when asked what your reason for leaving is, obviously you cannot bad mouth your current employer but with that being said, PLEASE DO NOT answer with "growth", don't even put that on your CV hoping to elaborate in an interview. Rather say "my company is a small company and career growth opportunities are very limited therefore I would like to join a company that would have a career growth succession plan for the right candidate as I am aiming for (whatever you are aiming for) in my career plan." don't just answer "growth", what does that even mean? or if the reason is different to "growth" you are welcome to contact me and say so, I have an interview with a certain company and tell me your honest reason for wanting a job change I will try and help you construct a better way to phrase your reason for leaving.
2. When asked what are your weaknesses? Try to turn your weakness onto something that someone will view as a positive, do not give an actual weakness. e.g. "My weakness is i am very particular with how things should be done therefore sometimes i find myself doing a task that i should be delegating to an employee because I do not trust they will do it the way I want it being done however i am working on this and have learned to trust the people that I work with that they will deliver accordingly because at the end of the day we are all working towards achieving the same goal"... see that weakens portrays that you still goal-orientated, shows that you are not lazy, however, it is still a weakness when you are employed to be in a position to delegate but you still do things yourself.
3. Tell us about yourself: now this question #sigh, the interview is not looking to hear about your life story, they do not know you at this point so they just want to know what are you bringing to the table. Tell them how your career has escalated from the ground up and what did you do to achieve that. Show them through a "myself" that if they do not employ you its practically their loss because you are actually a solution, not just another employee they are looking for.
Lastly (but not least), be in it to win it. good luck on your next interview, go there, impress, wearing your biggest smile and confidence and make a statement.